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Graphite Manufacturing of East Japan Carbon

Graphite is the substance which is familiar to us and has a variety of potentials.  It is used as pencils, brake pads, batteries, oil seals, lubricants etc.  on the industry field of automobiles, semiconductors, and advanced technology.  We have been fascinated by the graphite which has such potentials, and have continued to pursue the graphite products and quality that our customers need.

We aim to be a global company from Tohoku which is northeast region of Japan that can contribute to society by utilizing the properties of Graphite which has a lot of potential such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, and developing our grinding process technology.


Natural Graphite Blunting, Drying, Classifying, Milling Services

By taking advantage of our long experience, we are processing services of blunting, drying, classifying and Milling for natural graphite.  Graphite has a wide variety of uses such as lithium ion negative electrode materials, conductivity, heat conductive fillers, and lubricants.  After discussing your requests, we are providing the products in Japan and in the world, which meet each application and our customer’s need.

Synthetic Graphite Drying, Classifying, Milling Services

We are available for the processing of milling and classifying in the range of meter-size to micrometer-size with Synthetic Graphite (CIP molding material, extrusion molding material, graphite electrode in electric discharge machining, etc.).  There are a wide variety of types of Synthetic Graphite, and various usages such as carburizing material, brake pads, carbon brushes, etc. as our customer needs.  We offer Synthetic Graphite products that meet the needs of our customers.

Carbon Material Recycling Service

Many carbon materials are still treated as industrial waste.  Many of those are landfilled, because it is difficult for heat and chemical treatment of their waste.  We are engaged in effective activities for environmentally friendly improvement with the dischargers and users.  We make processed the carbon materials of industrial waste by our in-house equipment, and reborn as recycled carbon materials suitable for various uses.  In addition to that we buy the used electrodes, waste electrodes, collecting dust, etc.

Contract Processing Services

We are offering many contract processing services for the carbon materials.  It is available for processing services according your requests to adjust the particle size by failure, change the packing style from flexible containers to paper bags, reduce the amount of water content, and fine pulverizing specific materials, etc.

What is Graphite

An example of Graphite which is familiar to us is “pencils”.  As well known, pencils do not contain lead.  This is the “pencils”, because it is a writing tool made with “Graphite” (*).

Graphite has been used for pencils since the discovery of natural graphite deposits in the first half of the 16th century, but the real properties of graphite had been unknown until the 19th century.

* The lead sticks were literally used as writing tools before the discovery of graphite, therefore, it says that is the origin of the word for “pencil” (or its original language).  In the old days in Japan, there was an idiom “write while licking a pencil” which means write carefully, but if it were a lead stick, it would have become lead poisoning.  Conversely, the graphite must not be toxic because it is even used in pencil.  In fact, the true identity of graphite is carbon.  It is a lump of carbon.  Note that graphite in Japanese “Kokuen” is sometimes called “Graphite” as in English due to confusing with Lead, though the graphite comes from the Greek word graphein (“write”).  It is also called “Black Lead” as the mineral name.  All of graphite as graphite in Japanese “Kokuen”, graphite in English “Graphite”, and “Black Lead” are the same substances.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.