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Spherical Graphite

  • Spherical Graphite is made by mechanization processing mainly Flake Graphite into a spherical shape.  It is produced from plate-shaped Flake Graphite.  Compared to Flake Graphite, it has a higher bulk density, a smaller specific surface area, and a smaller amount of oil absorption.  In addition, since it is spherical, it is possible to obtain conductivity, and anisotropy in the heat dissipation direction.

Main Applications

  • Anode materials for secondary battery
  • Filler materials for rubber resin
  • Resin filler

List of Spherical Graphite Products

Product NameFixed Carbon (%)Ash Content (%)Volatile (%)Water Content (%)Granularity (%)Average Particle Diameter (μm)
PTG-799.9 or above0.1 or less1 or less7
PTG-1599.9 or above0.1 or less1 or less15
PTG-2099.9 or above0.1 or less1 or less20


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