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Message from CEO

Honesty and Teamwork,
We are Working Straight on Graphite Manufacturing.

As the only graphite manufacturer in east Japan.

East Japan Carbon Co., Ltd. was established in 1969 as a subsidiary of SHINNippon Denko Co., Ltd., “Nichiden Carbon”.  We have been dealing with the drying, classification, crushing and sales, and import / export of carbon products for more than 50 years since Japan’s high economic growth period. As the only graphite manufacturer in east Japan, we strive to carefully manufacture products and meet the various needs of our customers.

We are the specialists who are sincere about making things.

Our strength is “honesty and teamwork”.

Taking advantage of the diligent personality of Tohoku people which is suitable for making things, each one of us works tenaciously to create products that meet the expectations of our customers as a specialist.  It is a great pleasure for us to work sincerely on detailed requests and provide products that satisfy our customers.  Our company’s internal environment that people can freely exchange words regardless of age or work history also contributes to good teamwork.  Our Employees are working earnestly while demonstrating their individual abilities in a friendly atmosphere.  Our attitudes toward carefully by details of work has been highly evaluated and trusted by our customers.

Contribute to the community through manufacturing.

The name “East Japan” of East Japan Carbon Co., Ltd.  contains a wish for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture, where our head office is located, was also severely damaged by the earthquake.  We would like to contribute to the local community through earnest product manufacturing and play a part in the reconstruction as a member of the Tohoku region.  We are working hard with such passion in our heart.

Providing valuable products and detailed services to our customers.  Providing our employees with an environment in which each every one of them can exert their full potential and rewarded their efforts.  Creating environmentally friendly products for a sustainable society.  Our role is to strive for sincere manufacturing, aiming for a prosperous and sound society.

Just please contact us, no matter how trivial the matter is.  We will always sincerely continue to make products that please our customers.

Takeshi Sugawara
East Japan Carbon Co., Ltd.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.