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Allotropes of carbon

Allotropes of carbon

Cubic structured crystal.  The production is low, but it is sufficient for industrial use.  Used as a jewel and as an industrial cutter.  At present, the manufacturing technology of synthetic diamond has been established and put into practical use.


Hexagonal crystal.  It is made up with layers of many plate-shaped structures (a single layer is graphene).  The most common carbon crystal.  Used as a pencil lead in daily use.


Hexagonal crystal.  It might be found in a meteorite, but it is extremely rare.  Only very small crystals have been discovered for now. Pure ones are estimated to be harder than diamonds.


A generic term for clusters which consists of carbon atoms. It seems to be extremely rare in nature.

Amorphous carbon

A mixture of two types of structure in diamond and graphite (amorphous).  Common charcoal, such as charcoal and activated carbon, is amorphous carbon which contains impurities in it.

Carbon nanotube

A structure in which graphene is rolled into a cylinder. There are one-layer to two-layer and multi-layer structures. There is similar one, which is a horn-shaped with cylindrical (a tubular ) end closed, it has called a carbon nanohorn.


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