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Coal Coke

  • Coal coke is generated when coal is carbonized.  It has long been an indispensable fuel for heavy industries such as steam locomotives in the old days and steel industries, since it has a high calorific value during combustion and high temperatures can be obtained from it.  Coke is inferior to coal in appearance, but it becomes more porous by the volatiles discharge when dry distilled, as a result that the purity of carbon increases and high temperature combustion becomes possible.

Petroleum Coke

  • Petroleum Coke is a residue when pyrolyzing heavy asphalt fuel oil.  Since calcined coke has excellent graphitization properties, it is used as a raw material for electrodes, aluminum electrodes, and abrasives.  The properties of petroleum coke depend on the raw materials used.  There is a wide variety of low to high sulfur content, and they are used properly according to each application.

Main Applications

  • As a representative application, it is often used as a fuel and reducing agent for steelworks and cast iron.  It is also used as a friction adjustment material and reinforcing agent for rubber and other materials.

List of Coke Products

Product NameFixed Carbon (%)Ash Content (%)Volatile (%)Water Content (%)Granularity (%)Average Particle Diameter (μm)
CR-198 or more1 or less1 or less1 or less-1mm: 70
CR-3298 or more1 or less1 or less1 or less-0.5mm-0.1mm: 80
CR-15098 or more1 or less1 or less1 or less-1.0mm: 60
PG-10098 or more1 or less1 or less1 or less-1.5mm: 60
PG-15098 or more1 or less1 or less1 or less-1.0mm: 60


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