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Expandable Graphite

  • Expandable Graphite is a carbon material in which sulfuric acid are intercalated between the layers of Flake Graphite.  The layers of graphite (graphene) are bonded by interatomic bond with a weak vertical force, and it can insert liquid between the layers.  The layers are expanded by the vaporization energy of the liquid sulfuric acid inserted between the layers at applying heat of 100 to 300°C, and the volume expands to 200 times or more.

Main Applications

  • Expandable Graphite is widely used as flame retardant.  It is a halogen-free substance and is added to and compounded into building materials and automobile parts.
  • Developing to various thermoplastic resins, rubbers, and elastomers, the applications are expanding as fireproof, fire-resistant and providing flame-retardant property.

List of Expandable Graphite Products

Product NameFixed Carbon (%)Ash Content (%)Expansion Ratio (cc/g)Expansion Start Temperature (℃)Granularity (%)PH
EXP-S120K95 or more520012050μm 756-8
EXP-50S120N95 or more525012050μm 756-8
EXP-50S15095 or more525012050μm 756-8

Expandable Graphite Representative Products

Product NameFixed Carbon (%)Ash Content (%)Expansion Ratio (cc/g)Expansion Start Temperature (℃)Granularity (%)PH
EXP-50KK95 or more5200260-280+50μm 756-8
EXP-50HO95 or more5200220+50μm 756-8
EXP-80S22099 or more1200200+80μm 756-8
EXP-50SL98 or more2300200+50μm 756-8
EXP-150S95 or more550200-220-150μm 606-8
EXP-200S95 or more530~50200-220-200μm 606-8
EXP-50S98 or more2250170-200+50μm 756-8
EXP-80S98 or more2200180+80μm 756-8
EXP-100S95 or more5130180-100μm 606-8
EXP-32S16095 or more5400160+50μm 756-8
EXP-50S16098 or more2300160+50μm 756-8


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