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Graphite for Carbon brushes

Material Properties Required for Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes are required to have low friction for high speed rotating (moving) objects, receive and supply a large amount of current, and withstand heat generation and oxidizing.   These required properties of carbon brushes are consistent with those of Graphite.  Therefore, Graphite is used in carbon brushes.

Graphite Contributes to Longer Life of Carbon Brushes

The carbon brushes wear out at every use of the motor.  Graphite is deeply involved in the friction ability of carbon brushes.  We produce excellent Graphite for carbon brushes by our original manufacturing method.

Example: Performance Improvement of Carbon Brushes for Automobile

Improvement by particle size control
The adjustment of coarse and fine particles is properly controlled by repeating tests and improvements with users together.  We have established an ideal particle size that takes the porosity during molding into account and have improved lubricity.

Low ash products from Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan ore has the property of higher lubricity than graphite mined from other production areas.  However, it is considered that the lubricity is reduced by the difficulty of high purification and the high content of iron oxide in the ash.  Therefore, we provide low ash products with our own purification treatment.

Usage Examples of Carbon Brushes

Automobile electrical equipment

Electric power steering, Fuel injection pump, Wiper, Power Window, Throttle control (ETC), ABS (anti-lock brake system), Door lock, Door mirror drive, etc.

Power tools

For each motor drive of Circular saw, Electric drill, Grinder, Impact driver, Electric driver, etc.


Motor for house vacuum cleaner, etc.


Hairdryer, Electric toothbrush, Juicer mixer, Computer, Digital camera, Printer, Vending machine, etc.

Slip rings

Ferris wheel, Wind power generator, Auto reel, etc.


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